March 12-13, 2023 | ACDM Annual Conference

Marcus Schwabedissen, an active member of ACDM, and Frank Henrichmann, Senior Executive Consultant at QFINITY and member of the GAMP Global Steering Committee, will be attending this year’s ACDM conference in Barcelona.
Frank Henrichmann presents a talk giving a pragmatic and forward-looking overview of how to identify and avoid bias in machine learning solutions. Numerous ML systems have failed to produce acceptable results because the model or training data were biased. Frank’s presentation will explore past mistakes and their consequences, as well as possible strategies for identifying and avoiding bias. Examples from healthcare and other industries are analyzed and the cause of the bias in the system is identified. Based on these insights, the audience will be made aware of possible ways to introduce bias into their systems. Practical guidance is provided on identifying sources of bias and avoiding bias in ML systems.