Service Areas from QFINITY

Our Portfolio

Here we want to present you our Service Areas.

Identifying and evaluating risks in business processes, introducing and continuously developing quality management systems, validating and qualifying equipment, equipment, production and computer-aided systems, as well as ensuring data quality, integrity and availability in the regulated GxP and medical device environment are core elements of our service portfolio.

Through active participation in international bodies, associations and organizations, such as. z.B GAMP, ISPE, ACDM, RQA, we are very familiar with both current standards and future developments. As a manufacturer- and product-independent company, we are able to adapt services in the above-mentioned areas in terms of scope and extent to the specific requirements of our customers.

We are used to running projects independently and actively in the interests of our customers. This applies both to overall project management as well as to sub-projects and tasks.Communication- and integration skills are key elements of our success and the basis of our service.

Based on years of practical experience, our employees demonstrate knowledge in a variety of environments, quality management systems and common computer-aided systems and are therefore ideally equipped for your tasks and requests.

The following is an overview of our main topics and core service areas: