QFINITY provides expertise and support for pharmaceutical and medical device companies along the entire product or service lifecycle. Our focus is on developing and optimizing quality management system and IT system strategies to support continuous improvement, (business) process management and optimization through application of technology, ensuring (e)data quality and data integrity, as well as validation and qualification of computerized systems incl. requirements for electronic records and signatures (ERES).  QFINITY offers an integrated service portfolio especially tailored to companies and universities active in the GCP (clinical trials) and GMP (pharmaceutical manufacturing) fields. Our portfolio includes training, audits, consulting and project management. Through our activities in international associations such as ISPE, RQA, VDI and DIA, QFINITY is well-acquainted with both current and developing standards. As an independent consultancy without affiliation with any particular manufacturer or product, QFINITY is able to tailor the scale and scope of the services provided to the individual needs of each client. 

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The term quality is derived from the Latin word “qualitas”, which means characteristic, feature, property or condition. In other words, the term quality defines the degree to which a set of inherent features of an object meets requirements. Inherent means “intrinsic to a particular unit”.

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Quality Management (QM) refers to all organizational measures that relate to the structure of the organization and the efficient execution of processes at various levels of the company. With consistent implementation, quality management enables the continuous improvement of corporate culture, process quality and technology deployment, ultimately leading to better products or services.

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