Report 16th GAMP D-A-CH Conference

QFINITY´s CEO Oliver Herrmann, COO Marcus Schwabedissen and Sr. Executive Consultant Frank Henrichmann were at the 16th GAMP D-A-CH Conference.

Report 16th GAMP D-A-CH Conference

Innovation, Digital Transformation and GxP

Our CEO Oliver Herrmann and Bernhard Appel were leading a discussion round on the topic “Innovation, Digital Transformation and GxP – now more than ever!”. In their discussion their mentioned that in today’s world, companies are faced with the challenge of driving innovation and digitalization. At the same time their having to adhere to strict regulations and compliance requirements. The discussion centres on the possibility of combining innovation and compliance. It is emphasised that it is entirely possible to achieve both without jeopardising patient safety and product quality. Quality Management & Compliance plays a crucial role in this, as it ensures that processes run at the highest level without compromising on safety.

Report 16th GAMP D-A-CH ConferenceAspects of recovering from a disaster

Frank Henrichmann presented on Dec. 7th, 2023, as part of the 3. GAMP® Konferenz GxP in der Cloud in Mannheim, on practical aspects of recovering from a disaster. This is a hot topic as current data clearly demonstrate that it is only a question of time till a company is hit by a cyberattack. He used a Ransomware Attack on a Cloud service provider as a hypothetical case study to highlight the potential challenges in the recovery process. It was shown that good planning before the attack happens is key to a successful und timely recovery. But even the best plans need to be adapted and adjusted to the actual scenario when the disaster happens. He focused on the challenges and questions that quality functions need to address and support to ensure the validation state of the applications and the integrity of the recovered data in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sustainability and GxP

The panel discussion on “Sustainability and GxP” was moderated by Marcus Schwabedissen (QFINITY) and Steffen Ruttscheidt (d-fine GmbH). It provided an insight into the growing importance of sustainability in the context of the life science industry (GxP). It also showed its impact on the industry. In their presentation they showed that the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) plays a crucial role in this context. CSRD will oblige companies to produce more detailed sustainability reports. This will promote better transparency and accountability in terms of environmental impact and social responsibility. This will also affect companies in GxP-regulated industries, as they will also have to implement sustainable practices.

QFINITY is proud to have participated in this year’s GAMP Conference. Further information about the conference can be found at ISPE. For more information on events with QFINITY, please visit our website.