article in the ISPE magazine

QFINITY’s CEO Oliver Herrmann, COO Marcus Schwabedissen and Sr. Exc. Consultant Frank Henrichmann have published an article in the official ISPE magazine.Artikel im ISPE Magazin

Due to the increasing digitalization of the industry, we are highly dependent on IT systems and data. Attacks on cyber security have been on the rise for many years. Ransomware and phishing are the biggest threats to our industry. Unfortunately, people tend to think that disasters “only happen to other people”. As a result, they don’t pay enough attention to disaster recovery and business continuity planning. When an organization is hit by a ransomware attack, the value of pre-planning and preparation becomes clear and allows for efficient recovery.

The article examines a hypothetical case of a successful ransomware attack. It outlines what recovery activities are required. The article also highlights the problems that arise from inadequate disaster recovery planning. It also examines the potential challenges for the quality organization, such as root cause analysis and documentation of recovery activities, risk management and assessment of data integrity during recovery activities or the evaluation of short-term workarounds.

We are pleased to have published another article in the official ISPE magazine in the form of this article.

You can find the article at ISPE.

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