QFINITY employee is part of the planning for the ACDM Symposium for AI

On September 21, the ACDM Symposium for Artificial Intelligence will take place in Copenhagen. The event has been planned, long in the making, by the Steering Group. The Steering Group consists of Richard Davies, Ashley Howard, Tim Armitage and QFINITY’s COO Marcus Schwabedissen.

For the event, the Steering Group planned the entire program in detail. The event on artificial intelligence will explain the different types of artificial intelligence as well as the applications of them. Practical examples of these techniques will be discussed using clinical trials.

Marcus Schwabedissen has been a very active member of ACDM for many years. His core topic in the organization is artificial intelligence. He is concerned with how to apply it, improve it and use it optimally for business processes.

QFINITY is proud that Marcus Schwabedissen is part of the Steering Group and helps significantly to the planning of the event with his expertise in AI.

Artificial Intelligence is a constantly evolving topic that is indispensable nowadays. It facilitates work processes and increases their efficiency. QFINITY is one of the leading consulting companies in the field of AI. If you are interested, we will be happy to advise our clients in this area and help you implement, apply and optimize AI in your company.

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